2002 - Rebuilding Pavillion

In 2002 the old pavilion which had stood at the club since moving to the present site in 1930 was demolished and replaced with a new building, mainly constructed by Bob Waters, click on the photos to enlarge them.

The old pavilion - purchased second hand for £10 in 1929! this photo was taken just before demolition started

Bob Waters looking on as he starts removing some of the old timber cladding

Another view of the early stages of demolition

Nearly gone! - all that remains is the timber frame - Richard Waters was ably assisting his father in the deconstruction!

Early stages of the construction of the new pavilion - the foundation slab is complete and block-work in progress

Further advanced - walls in place and the roof going on

End view of the same stage of construction

The completed pavilion as it looks today - in comparison to the old pavilion, the new one cost in the region of £17000

Another view of the new pavilion